Mitena Partners was formed in 2020 as an offshoot of Chicago Clearing Corporation (CCC), the industry leader in class action claims filing and solutions for over 30 years. The venture is funded by Certificate Funding Corporation.


At Mitena Partners, we specialize in class action claims management, offering a range of services and solutions to help business owners navigate complex cases with confidence. Our innovative software streamlines the claims process, reducing the workload for our clients and ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Our expertise includes:

  • Filing and tracking class action claims
  • Automated data entry
  • Real-time updates on the status of claims
  • Clear instructions for claimants


Our team's combined expertise allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients, with a focus on simplifying the claims process and ensuring the best possible outcomes.

James Tharin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Brian Blockovich

President & General Counsel

Bill Tomczak

Chief Financial Officer

James Forkins

Chief Investment Officer

Kirk Swaney

Vice President Strategy

Billy Stewart

Vice President Business Development

Employee Name

Head of Human Resources

The CCC Family

Chicago Clearing Corporation's Class Action Companies

Chicago Clearing

Chicago Clearing Corporation (CCC) is the securities and antitrust class action claims services specialist.

Certificate Clearing

CCC assists with coupon settlements, ensuring a compliant settlement that benefits both the class and attorneys, despite scrutiny, through testimony and support.

Jacskson Financial

Jackson Financial evaluates difficult assets, like class action awards, litigation rights, and appraisal rights, and converts them into money quickly with efficient analysts.

Company History

An Unanticipated Beginning
The Inception

Grounded by a leg injury and unable to trade, Chicago Board Options Exchange market-maker James Tharin found an unexpected opportunity. Tasked with creating a market for BMW M5 Litigation settlement coupons, Tharin established the foundation of what would become Mitena Partners.

Expansion and Diversification
Conception of a Market Leader

Incorporated as Certificate Clearing Corporation (CCC), the firm pioneered markets in 18 class action settlements over two decades, enabling claimants to recover nearly $200 million. From small cases to complex ones, CCC proved its mettle, even venturing into coupon and certificate settlements.

A Shift In Focus
A Pivot Towards Securities Class Action Claim Filing

A notice in the Options Antitrust Litigation marked a turning point. As a non-member during the 12-year class period, Tharin argued he should be eligible to submit trades and participate in the settlement, thus expanding CCC's scope to securities class action claim filing.


Pioneering Moves
The Emergence of Mitena Partners

In 2020, Mitena Partners was established as a subsidiary of CCC to transform the antitrust consumer class action landscape- starting with the Payment Card Settlements. Building on CCC's established reputation and experience, Mitena Partners has continued to innovate, providing class action services tailored to associations and their members.



Leaders and Pioneers
A Beacon in Class Action Services

In 2022, the CCC portfolio, including Mitena Partners, hit an impressive milestone - recovering over $1.5 billion for our clients. With more than 2.7 thousand retail investors trusting our expertise and over 10 million claims successfully filed, we cemented our position as an industry leader in class action services. This landmark achievement underlines our commitment to providing comprehensive and effective solutions for our clients, helping them navigate complex class action landscapes with ease and confidence.


Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence with the CCC Portfolio

As we step into 2023, the CCC portfolio, including Mitena Partners, marks 30 years of delivering superior class action services. Over three decades, we've consistently adapted and evolved, remaining at the forefront of industry changes. Our commitment to safeguarding our clients' interests remains unwavering. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we reaffirm our dedication to providing exceptional service, innovative solutions, and maximized settlement recovery for our clients. Here's to many more years of empowering associations and their members through our expert class action services.



Our mission is to increase the average class action filing rate from 1% to 25% by 2025.

Our goal is to disrupt the class action landscape with innovative software solutions that simplify age-old problems and make it easier to find, finance, and file class action claims. 

We aim to use our platform, login.claims to bring control over your class action claims. Every member will help us transform class actions into an easier, automated, and more fruitful process increasing justice for all.

"Found money is good money."

Client Testimonials

"I'd rather have money now then wait. I got paid 8 days after receiving their message. A phenomenal experience."
Zach B.
Salt Lake Mobile Detailing, Utah
CEO & Founder
"The best hourly rate I've ever been paid!"
"Mitena helped me make an informed decision on something I wasn't familiar with. Then, they wrote me a check!"
John S.
Apparel Company, Michigan
CEO & Co-founder